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January 17, 2006



Pretty Woman. Vivien/Julia Roberts says it to the sales lady who works on commission, who previously snubbed her ;-)


Yay! Now how long will it take for you to send it? I'm almost to the decrease on your 2nd mitten and then I need to figure out the thumbs.

As for the Steelers/Seahawks when I told S that I would be torn he gave me an incredulous look. I think for the health of our marriage I may have to just stay away from the TV and not cheer for either team if that happens. Until then I cheer for both.


Jayme you married the man NOT his football team. You are a Seattle girl stand up for your team!


That fiery bolero looks fantastic!


That bolero is so cute! I made a bolero a few months ago and that was one of the patterns I considered. I ended up going with a different pattern but I love the way yours looks!

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